Raspberry Pi 4 DVR server - speed of commercial detection?

Hi there - I currently am running Channels DVR on a windows 10 PC. I recently saw the DVR works on the Raspberry Pi 4 so I'm working to get that setup as the DVR server to remove the burden from the windows PC.

Does anyone have experience to share on how quickly the commercial detection works on the Raspberry PI 4? Any resource/speed concerns? Just curious before I work to fully get the rpi4 server setup.

nudge - any thoughts from folks here? is anyone using the rpi4 as a server? liking it? concerns?

I have it and like it; see this link for more info. Commercial detection runs about 7-8min/hr for over-the-air MPEG source data, and about twice as slowly for TVE H264 files (not sure why, there). COMSKIP works on a single thread leaving plenty of other resources.

Also, with recent beta builds, hardware acceleration is enabled and it can transcode and stream 720p and 1080i with fairly low loads (<150%).

Awesome thanks. Curious, how do I access beta builds once I get the rpi4 up and running?

The RPI changes are in the stable build, so no beta necessary.

To update to beta you would click-and-hold the Check for Update button.