Raspberry Pi 4 - Install on SD Card / Docker

Hi folks,

First time poster, still on my trial of Channels.

So I've managed to pickup a Raspberry Pi 4 4GB and thinking of moving Channels from my NUC via Docker to it (so the NUC can be switched off when I'm away and just leave the Pi running while also running Pi-Hole)

Install instructions suggest installing Channels to the USB storage - any reason in particular to do this over installing Channels to the SD card and setting the USB Storage as the media storage location?

Also - this is probably a naive question, but I'm guessing running Channels on the Pi via Docker is out also?

At the moment I'm only expecting Channels to be serving 1 stream at a time from recorded shows, so I'm working on the assumption from looking around the Pi can cope with that transcoder demand but not much more.



I don't think the transcoder would work from inside docker but you can try it out.

SD cards can fail quickly, and the dvr stores guide data in the install location. That's why we recommend not installing to the SD. But I have also been considering moving the guide data when we detect the install is on a Pi.

@tmm1, is this still the case? I have a 4gb Pi4, with 1TB external USB storage. I am considering running Channels in Docker. Not sure of risk/benefits