Raspberry pi alternative

Im looking to set up a tailscale server with exit node capability at a relatives address.

I was going to do this on a raspberry pi, but then was shocked at how pricey they have become.

I bought a 3+ with case years ago for around $50.

Any suggestions for alternative cheap hardware? They have no always on computers at their location. I want to plug this into the back of their router with ethernet cable.

People have reported good luck with this $130


If you have a PC/Laptop lying around, install Linux.
You won't regret it.

RockPi and other SBC's exist. You can look on DietPi's downloads page and that has many SBC's, you would need to look up the specs of each though, as some are much lower spec than RPi4b.
(You would also have to run a linux distro on it, and install Channels per generic Linux install. As, the Channels DVR image is only for RPi4)

Use RPi for volumio :wink:

I like this Orange PI 3.

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There is now Orange Pi 5+. Did you ever get this installed and running?