Raspberry Pi and Locast

My Channels DVR running on Raspberry Pi4 has stopped showing local NBC channel 5 Dallas via Locast. It has worked well since installation some months ago.

The Channels guide shows NBC listings up to date but when clicked, the screen shows “locast 204 No Content:” on an AppleTV and an iPhone connected to the same network. A MacBook with Safari browser on the network shows “Media could not be loaded…” All other channels work as expected.

However, the ATV, MBk & IPhone all work with the Locast app on the same network which suggests that the problem is not with Locast reception.

Restarts of the various devises did not alter the problem.

Replacing the apps on the various devices did not alter the problem. Removed Locast from server, replaced.

The above suggests to me that the problem is between the RP4 and Locast.


Operating Systemm manage your RP4: 2021.0727.2106

Status about this server: 2021.05.26.1807

Does it work on locast.org website? Can you capture a chrome HAR and send it to support.

The NBC channel and all other expected channels work on the Locast app on all three devices. Works at Locast.org on Safari MacBook. All on same network.

IT WORKS! IT WORKS! Loaded the new server software and IT WORKS!

NBC is back and another channel that I didn’t realize that I was missing. All good.

Thank you, Obi-Wan.

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