Raspberry Pi data redundancy

Hi all-

I'm thinking of taking the plunge and migrating my DVR to a Raspberry Pi setup. However, I was wondering what people do (if anything) about making sure they don't lose their recordings in the event of a drive failure. On an NAS setup, you can utilize RAID and replace a failed drive. Is it possible go do anything like that with a Pi implementation?

I just know I've had external drives die in the past and I would hate to lose a bunch of shows, and it looks like the documentation on the Pi image contemplates one drive and the Pi as a dedicated DVR only.

Thanks for any help.

I have a cron setup to rsync my DVR and imports folders to an external drive hooked up to my TimeCapsule, so I'll never lose more than a day's data should the RPi4 drive fail. But I'm not running the Pi image, just a standalone install. Not sure if you can do that with the image. But it's really not that hard to install.

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rsync is in the latest image. I haven't set up a cron job yet but can confirm that it works to a NAS. (You have to set up ssh access, which his fairly easy to do).

Earlier I had looked into enclosures that can run two drives redundantly, but then settled on this as an easier approach.

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