Really great advice from The Verge on getting your house wired

The Verge has a great article today on tips to getting your network faster. Their best advice, is the same as ours, invest in Moca 2.0 adapters! Cheap, fast, reliable, easy to set up.

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Run Coax instead of Ethernet?


You don't run it, you leverage the fact that your house may already have COAX run to every room.

I figured that was self explanatory.

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Funny thing is I have coax to almost every room but never considered using it for anything, now you made me think :wink:

I feel very fortunate that our town home was built with Ethernet connections running to almost every room. I have everything hardwired that makes sense. The only WiFi I run is our Alexa devices, my laptop (because I move around with it a lot) and our phones. All of my computers and Apple TV devices and Xbox are all hardwired.

100% agree, my MoCA adapters have been flawless since I got them 2 years ago. I live in a building built in the late 90s and utilizing the existing coax with Actiontec MoCA adapters (rebranded to Screenbeam last year) has been way better than any powerline adapter I tried 5-10 years ago.

I also recommend buying open box on Amazon to make them even cheaper.

LTT did a video on this 4 months ago if anyone is interested:

I guess I am really crazy. I only use wifi on all my TV client devices and even wilder I only use wireless on all my seven phones. I rarely have any streaming problems even while my grandteens are playing online games with their friends. My FireTV Max units get between 400 and 500 mbs download with 4ms latency to the Channels server, which seems to be plenty fast for me. Not sure why I don't seem to get much interference on my wifi, just lucky I guess.