Rearrange Channels & Save settings iOS

I would like to be able to rearrange and eventually have you save my settings, including rearrangements, favourites, hidden channels or anything else, to iCloud.

I would also like separate settings for iOS and tvOS with regard to this please. Even though I did request to have favourites synced between iOS & tvOS and this could possibly still be possible, but after trialing the iOS app remotely and due to users lack of enough upload bandwidth the SD channels are preferable than the HD channels. Meaning that I would like all SD channels at the top or first.

Or you could implement a feature called “Profiles” which encompasses favourites and channel arrangements that are suitable for locations. Say: All available channels whilst in the house, SD channels only if streaming on mobile or whilst out. All of this user configurable.

In the UK, I generally watch BBC One HD, this channels is replicated on BBC One SD, but on local tv showings such as regional news, the BBC One HD channel goes blank for the regional showing period and you are asked to change to the BBC One SD channel to see you regional programming. Due to this, I have, on my other tv software, grouped the HD & SD versions of channels together to make the switch between channels closer.

I’m sure that this won’t be the case forever as either broadcasters provide all HD channels or Internet upload speeds improve.



You can re-arrange favorites on iOS by tap-and-hold and drag to the desired location on the On Now tab.