Reauthorizing TVE

Can anyone explain to me how often reauthorizing TVE channels happen and what networks this seems to be most common with? Also, does reauthorizing requiring deleting the source and reading it or just rescanning the channel?

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Authorization cookies are generally valid for 30 days or so. If it has expired, the next time you tune that channel, Channels will automatically re-authorize the network for you before it starts the stream. There is no need to delete and re-add the source.

(Some authorizations may last longer, but I'm not sure if any for a shorter period of time.)

@racameron so I understand, you’re saying I don’t have to do anything? Channels will reauthorize for me? If that’s the case that would make things a lot easier.

Correct. There is no need for manual intervention.

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Yes, its a great system. I've played around with TVE apps on various devices over the years and the initial authorization was a pain in the neck on all the apps, and then they sporadically would stop working and require it again. Not family friendly to say the least. With Channels, I've never had to ever do any of that. Whatever is going on is happening behind the scenes and just works.