Recent Beta's Android TV app on Google TV and Android Sony TV

Recently this app is freezing. On my Sony TV it goes to black screen.... I can hit play\pause numerous times and it will finally come out of it but change channels doing so.

My Google TV, it freezes and still displays the image it's frozen on and if I spam the play pause but it changes channels as well.

I have sent debugs after multiple episodes of it this morning.

As of now it only happens on Live TV.

Same problem

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Does it happen if you turn off Settings > Debug > New Streaming

When you're experiencing this freeze could you open a browser on another device and hit http://<android-tv-device>:57000/diagnostics/submit and let us know that you've done it?

It will give us diagnostics during the incident that could help us figure out what's going on.

It happened with it on and off.

I'll do that....

Do I just change Android TV device to the IP of the device is crashing on?



And another


Thank you for sending these. It doesn't look like we have enough diagnostic data to be able to determine what's going on. I'm going to see how we can add more to identify exactly what's going on here.

Thank you for working with us on this.

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Just did it again using TVE... Watching Fox news


And to clarify, each time you're sending it, the screen in black or frozen?

So odd, happens on Live TV via OTA our TVE. Hardware or software decoder, the new debug enabled or disabled.

Correct, frozen on my Google TV and black on my Sony TV. I can make the time bar come up and it's gray to the left and complete purple to the right overwriting the time.

So all the log shows is that it closed the connection.
I tried my Apple TV and it's fine....

Another log.....6f927b60-96cd-4491-aadb-1ec6570adeae

Update, I decided to install the HDHR app and got a communication error so the channel stopped playing.....


Sorry if I wasted any of your times, this maybe be something with my network..... I'm looking into it further. I'm not sure why it affected only my 2 Android TV devices and why only while watching live TV either OTA or TVE.