Recent Reduced Performance in Skip or Fast Forward


Over the last mont or two, I’ve noticed that higher quality, higher bandwidth streams are having more trouble keeping up when trying to fast forward, seek, or skip.

While I recognize the uncompressed files are heavy lifting for the wi-fi networks, I have noticed that if I pause and give the app a moment to refresh the buffer, it is a significantly better user experience and my audio/video isn’t choppy.

Is the buffer something we can set in the client app?

If we could, it might also be nice to configure how long we keep live tv. Sometimes, when I leave for work, my Shih Tzu needs to watch her stories. I can watch an entire day of TV when I get home if I want to so long as there were not network interruptions to the HDHR.

Sooooo, if you happen to give us the option to set buffer time on recordings, it may also be nice to allow user configurability on the live tv buffer.

Sorry for the issue and feature request all in one :confused: