Recent & Up Next not refreshing after deleting


Often I’ll delete an episode but it still appears in up next and/or recents until I come out and back into the list


Same here on Fire TV


Delete from where? If you can list the exact steps to reproduce that would be helpful.


I notice the same.

To reproduce, select a TV show with only 1 episode and delete. Since there are no more episodes, one would expect it to no longer appear in the Up Next/Recorded lists, but upon backing out to that screen, the entry for the recently deleted program (with no recordings) is still present in the list. Only backing out to the guide and returning to the UpNext/Recording list will show that the newly deleted program is gone.


I reported that here on the forums long ago. Maybe noted a couple times. Don’t know if it still does it, but if you then click on the series for which there are no more items, used to be it’d crash the app.


Thanks @racameron, that is exactly the issue. It doesn’t crash anymore though

@tmm1 , it’s not consistent, probably does it about 20% of the time


Are you selecting an episode from Up Next and deleting it? Or are you clicking into the show from Recently Recorded and deleting the last episode there?


For me, it’s the latter more recently but from memory the former does it too sometimes


It’s actually happened to me regardless of the screen. Next time I delete the last recording I’ll have to take a look see which screen I was previously in, and what the result was.

Currently running 2.0.11 on FireTV, so I’ll have to see if it still happens.


I just deleted an episode after watching both through the Up Next and the Recordings listing (where the top 9 programs are shown, plus the “More” entry). In both cases the show was properly removed from the listing, so I guess this has either been resolved in the current version (2.0.11), or it’s just random when it does happen.

Edit/Update: When a program is selected from the full listing (selecting the “More” tile from the Recently Recorded list) and deleted, the entry on the screen listing all the shows still shows the program, even though it has no episodes. Backing out of that screen will remove the program, but it will not remove itself.

Edit 2: the program is still not automatically removed from the “More” screen when the last episode is deleted on 2.0.12.


We record one of the local “news” shows that’s on at 22:00. Was watching it from “Up Next,” last night. Bailed out and deleted. There was still a listing in “Up Next,” though that had been the only episode recorded. Clicked on it. Came up with a (mostly) blank dialogue box where “Watch,” etc. would normally be. Hit “Back” on the remote. Now the thing was missing from “Up Next.”

So the problem would appear to be “Up Next” and some other displays don’t (always?) refresh optimally?


I have seen this as well, particularly on the app. Recently, though is seems to be working.

On a slightly related note though, a couple suggestions I would make that would make the app more intuitive. After you finish a show, it would be nice if there was a sort of ending screen that would give you the option to delete the show or keep it rather than having to go back to the recordings area, select the show, and delete…not a big deal but would just be a small improvement that would make the user experience more seamless

Another small suggestion would be to bring the user back to the recordings page after a show has been deleted. I’ve found that when I delete a show, it just sits on the same screen and it’s a little bit confusing to know whether the app actually did anything. It’s only when I close and go back to recordings that I realize that it actually did delete the show.


Here’s a video demonstrating the issue


@tmm1 Does similar to the above video when deleting from the Up Next overflow list too

It appears to do this very rarely from the top list but very frequently from the full/overflow list