Recently deleted


Please add recently deleted like TiVo has, this will be very useful. You could allow the user to set a limit for example if storage space is below certain amount then delete older recordings from the recently deleted list

This should be very easy to add and also should be simple.



I don’t understand. If the recordings are already deleted why would you want to see a list of them, and how could you delete them again?


This would work like the “Recently Delete” list that Tivo has

When you delete a recording it goes into the “Recently Deleted” list. Once there you don’t see them as active recording but if you want to recover the recoding later on you can. This is useful when you accidentally delete a recording and want to recover it. So basically an undelete feature

The “Recently Deleted” list could then be trimmed automatically when storage space becomes low.


Okay I see, you’re asking for undelete option. Thanks for clarifying.


A “trash” folder would be nice. The system could hold the recordings there for 7 days or until space is needed.
I think it would also be nice to set a specific storage limit on the drive.


I like this about the TiVo as well — having a way to undelete things is really nice.


Any updates on adding an undelete option or a deleted items folder? I just accidentally deleted something and I can't get it back. :frowning: It would be great if the DVR moved things to a deleted items folder for 7 days or so and then deleted them.


Simply put deleted items in the recycle bin instead of blindly removing them. From there you may even be able to invoke 'Restore' (I have no idea, but it sounds good).

When I delete a file from Plex it goes in the recycle bin. If it was removed in error 'Restore' puts it right back where it was. Every few days, if not daily, when no emergency recovery operations are needed - right click/empty recycle bin...

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Yeah an option to undelete recordings would be really useful!