"Recently updated" isn't

On my Apple TVs, and iPad, the page that comes up when selecting Library has the Recently updated section. The contents of this never changes, been the same for about as long as I've been running Channels DVR. Is this normal? Is there something I should be doing differently? Can I suppress this section since it doesn't seem to offer me anything? TIA

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How does it look on the DVR web UI?

a mix, some stuff that was recently updated and some that wasn't updated in months


Do you actually have updated shows? Are you regularly recording shows?

There’s no good reason it wouldn’t be working just for you. Do you only have a couple shows? If that’s the case then they’re probably just shuffling positions.

Please submit diagnostics.

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Yeah I record 6 or so shows more or less daily. I can grab the diagnostics from the server, I don't suppose you mean the Apple clients. BTW same appearance on the Android TV streamers I sometimes use. I'll grab the diagnostics and submit.


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Fixed in next prerelease. Thanks for submitting diagnostics showing the issue.

Thanks - YTB

Finally got to install prerelease version 2023.02.19.2355.
The list of shows reordered a bit but the same shows are in the list as before. Can you expand on the filesystem timestamp issue, or was that for a different CDVR issue? I'd like to investigate on my end. I have a separate issue with the subfolders containing my media (from a network-shared NTFS folder) being able to contain identically named files. It is an issue I have open with the vendor (Division-M, Drive Bender product). At least 1 of the shows in the Recently Updated has such a duplicate. I've confirmed that's not the case for all the shows that seem to be stuck at the top of the Recently Updated list. I'm debating removing all the shows in the Recently Updated Shows display, and re-adding them to the library one at a time. Any comments/suggestions welcome.