Recently watched / Apple TV home page not updating

Three, perhaps related issues.

I used to get suggestions on the appletv Home Screen when the app icon was selected. Normally it would suggest things recently watched, eg the next episode in a show. That no longer seems to work.

The app seems to take a LONG time to load. I get the splash screen saying the tv is being prepared (or whatever the wording is) for many seconds.

The app used to suggest watching the next episode in a show that had recently been watched (like the appletv homescreen used to). Now, we have to go rooting around to find the show, then find the next episode.

Not sure what’s gone wrong, but it would be good to figure it out.

OK, I've managed (not sure how) to get the Apple TV homescreen show suggestions back.

However, it seems that Up Next is truly not working correctly, at least for shows that are in imported folders rather than recorded by Channels DVR.

We have been watching a show that is in an imported folder recently. That is the one that we keep having to navigate back to. Just tested with a show that was recorded by Channels and it worked as expected.

The show in the imported folder does show up as recently watched, but there is no suggested 'up next' at all, anywhere (web, ATV, iOS)

Is there something funny about that show? Is it missing episode numbers or anything?

This functionality works exactly the same for imports as it does for recordings. There is no difference according to the system.

Submit diagnostics from the server and let us know which show it is.

Hi, @maddox I shared diagnostics shortly after writing here. I should have noted that I’d sent it. Sorry.

The show appears correctly in Channels, correctly identified as the right episodes within the right seasons.

So I don’t think episode numbering is the problem.


Here’s a screenshot of the first few episodes. This is inside a folder called ‘Season 1’ which is inside a folder called ‘The Sopranos’.

If you mark episode one as watched, does episode two appear in Up Next?

Yes, so if I do it manually, it is figuring out that the episode is watched. But not if I actually watch the episode.

I'm finding that the same issue is occurring with another show that is recorded on Channels. I've just watched an episode of something that was in the 'up next' section. It is now still there but with the green bar across the bottom completely across the whole width of the thumbnail.

Could it be a permissions issue on my NAS?

I think there's a bug related to this in the build you're on. If you update to prerelease it should be better.


I’ll give it a go

I updated last night to the pre-release. Today I’m having issues. I’ve submitted a diagnostics log.


The problems are around viewing a recording whilst it is ongoing. Very unreliable starting and scrubbing through the recording. Slightly glitchy audio too