Record button doesn’t work

I can’t get the record button to actually record on live tv. When I click record, it says “it looks like this program is airing live”. I get the option to adjust end recording time, but I can’t get DVR to actually record.

What client and version are you using?

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I’m using latest from App Store. I reinstalled from App Store before posting this just to rule out version issue.

iOS, Android, firetv?

Apple iOS

So an iOS device, not an Apple TV? Can you share a screenshot of the record button you are selecting when you encounter the problem?

So I tried it, but it worked this time. When I click record, it takes me to the second screen saying my program is airing live. When I click record with options, it would take me to the 3rd screen. This time, however, it actually did record.

Looks like an Apple TV. If it happens again share pictures again and we’ll see if we can figure out what is happening.

I believe this is default behavior for sports. For regular programming, you have “record” and “record with options”.

With sports, it only has “record with options”

Where it gets weird, is that it should say “OK” or “record” on the screen After you set the end time(or leave it default).

It makes you think your in a loop.