Record current show with extra end buffer

We sometimes need to the record the program we are currently watching but with an extended end buffer. EG a Snooker match that has gone on longer than expected (and will likely go on beyond the scheduled program end time). So I have been trying to figure out the best way to achieve this.

I hit the record button on the remote which started the recording with the standard options. Then I went into the Scheduled recording screen and in the entry for that program adjust the end time accordingly. But I somehow ended up with 3 simultaneous recordings of the same show. it seemed that maybe when I changed the end buffer each change produced it's own new recording? One of them did seem to take the extended end time correctly but I obviously didn't do it in the best way and it appeared to be using up 3 tuners too.

What is the best and quickest way to achieve this without causing the above issue please?

To answer my own question, in case it helps anyone else, the best way seems to be to use the "pull down" Quick Guide, then hit record from there which puts up the screen with Record / Record with options / Create Pass buttons on. Using the Record With Options gives the option to extend the end buffer.

It would be great if using the record button could take you directly to that same page, or maybe short press of record button to simply toggle recording on or off as it does now and add long press to take you to the full options page?

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Please submit diagnostics from your dvr web UI

724f61f5-3bfe-4f4c-ab09-7bb50257c705 Submitted.

The recording buffer test started on the following line:

2024/02/04 09:45:12.605876 [DVR] Recording for job 1707039911-ch101 from 1260B9AA ch101 into "TV/Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg/Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg 2024-02-04-0945.mpg

This was when I set up the initial "instant" record. It set up job 1707039911

I then adjusted the end time buffer in the schedule (I must have done it twice, or gone back to confirm, I'm not entirely sure) and it created jobs 1707039912 & 1707039913 all for the same program, but presumably with different end times?

I then deleted 2 of the 3. The 3rd one carried on recording until 11.30 which was as expected from the extended end buffer I set.