Record directly to an iOS device?

This may be a bit strange, but has anyone thought about recording directly to an iOS device? Current iPads have a storage capacity of 256GB - 2TB and have powerful processors. Might it be possible to set up a recorder App using the macOS Silicon DRV? I’d buy a subscription for that.

Limitations only allow the apps to work while in the foreground/active. Such a limitation would make a DVR basically useless, as the iPad would need to be constantly on, with the DVR app always running and active, never allowing the device to sleep; who wants that?

Yes, I think you are right. The BGProcessingTask is limited to short periods. It might be possible to schedule a recording at a time when the iOS device is not in use and bring it to the foreground, but Auto-Lock would need to be off, and the device may need to be charging…

I doubt this would happen for a host of reasons, most stated above.

But one thing on the roadmap the devs have mentioned is automatic downloads to mobile devices: