Record F1 TV live stream?

I have an annual F1 TV Pro subscription which allows me to watch live streams and replay streams of Formula 1 practice, qualifying, and races. See

This mostly works wonderfully except on the occasions when I get up while the race is still ongoing, as F1 TV does not offer a replay stream until a little bit after the live stream of the race is completed, so I have to wait until then to watch the race from the start.

So I am wondering if it is possible to use Channels DVR (or some other service or software) to schedule to record a live stream from F1 TV?

One issue might be that I assume a URL would be needed for the stream and I have not paid attention to if they use different URLs for the different races and/or if there is any consistence with the naming of the URL.


Following to check on progress or any updates.

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You may take a look here:

It allows you to download the full race in original quality.


There’s also this AppleTV F1 TV app on GitHub.

I’d really like to be able to record the F1 races in Channels.