Record in progress program

I tried to record an in-progress program today by swiping down on my Apple TV remote. There was no option to record. How do I record an in-progress program? Did I do it wrong?

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I'm a brand new Channels user with a new Apple TV 4K and have the same question. The Channels documentation for the Apple TV remote apparently refers to an old model and I couldn't find any combination of buttons to bring up a Record menu.

I do it by having automatic Picture-in-Picture on, so I go back to the guide and record from there while the show still plays. Not as slick as on iOS, but it works OK.

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By default, the client connects directly to the HDHR tuner, bypassing the DVR.

In the DVR webUI ensure that you have guide data setup for your tuners; if a tuner does not have guide data assigned to it, you can use it for viewing live TV, but recording options will not be available.

Also, remember that current playback buffer is local to the client, and not available to the DVR. So when choosing an in-progress program to record, the recording will only be from the current moment.

When you swipe down to bring up the Quick Guide, there should be a Record button that you can select.