Record Meet the Press failure

Channels has been failing to properly record this show. I can’t set up a pass that will force the time or channel. It records something different off a nbc channel I do not get. I’ve updated the guide data an rescanned the tuners. The schedule recording still shows wrong time and channel. This has worked fine in the past. But the past month has been a fail.

How can I fix this?

That isn't possible. If you don't get it, then you can't record it. Do you use Pluto or TVE? Maybe you're recording off the NBC News NOW channel? It wouldn't shock me if the guide data there was not correct.

I don't know if you can specify the time, but you can definitely specify the channel and tell it to only record new episodes.

Advanced pass lets you specify channel and time.
If the guide data is wrong, you need to figure out why, but you don't give any specific information that allows anyone to help you. You just state a show name and say "a nbc channel". Not much to go on.

What is the source for the "a nbc channel"?
What is the call sign for the "a nbc channel"?
What does the failing pass look like in advanced view?
How many sources do you have, etc.

What should it show and what does it show?

If you have a TVE source or Cable HDHR tuner in addition to a OTA HDHR tuner you may see this

SeriesID: 184068
Title: Meet the Press
Airs on Channels: MSNBC,NBC,NBCNEWS

SeriesID: 18817589
Title: Meet the Press Reports
Airs on Channels: NBCNEWS

SeriesID: 22222988
Title: Meet the Press NOW
Airs on Channels: NBCNEWS

Pluto also has it on their NBC News NOW channel

I’m using an OTA tuner. HD homerun. There are multiple nbc stations in my area. Bay Area Ca. One of them has a very week signal. It appears it’s been recording from that channel. So I couldn’t figure out how to tell it to record from the strong signal channel. 11.3. Someone mentioned advanced settings that I could select channel. Could not find that. When I’ve created the Pass I select the proper channel and time. But when I look at the scheduled recordings it’s not set to that one.

Thanks all for the responses.

You just need to know the channel number and type it.

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If you already have a pass, this is where to find advanced settings under passes. It’s the drop down on the right. Then you would set a condition to the channel.

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I was able to set channel in the advanced settings. And it is now showing that channel in the scheduled recordings. Thanks all for the assistance. Hopefully all will be good now.

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