Recorded show displays: This Program is only available in the Fox Market, Please sign into your TV Provider to check Eligibility

I usually record the news in the morning and Channels DVR usually uses my HDHomerun receivers (OTA antenna). But for some odd reason, I got the following message when I played the recording.

See attachment.

Any reason why? Why wouldn't it just use the HDHomerun receivers? My TVEverywhere is configured for DirecTV and YouTubeTV. When I switch to live TV, I had no issue watching the channel just the recording was incorrect.

Priority lists on the client are separate from the DVR server. Make sure your OTA tuner has the higher priority on your DVR server.

All three HDHomeRun receivers are the topmost priority.

Was the OTA tuner the source for the recording?

More details can help.

As racameron says, tuner priority on the DVR is used for scheduled recordings.
Do you know how that recording was chosen, series pass, selected from guide, etc.?
Would help if you could post DVR logs for that recording or submit diagnostics from the DVR for the devs to look at.
Could be all 3 OTA tuners were unavailable, etc.