Recorded TV long delay resuming


Please help troubleshoot with Recorded TV long delay resuming playback. I'm also experience long delays when seeking forward or backwards. The delays are up to 30 seconds and rarely under 15 seconds. Everything else is great. Live TV buffer works flawlessly. Maybe the buffer is stored locally is my guess.

My Channels DVR is installed on a Windows 10 Pro laptop with 2 TB SSD drive. The Laptop is an i5 @ 1.8Ghz 4GB Ram. I have two Shields for playback, one hardwired and one wireless. The wireless Shield actually works better when resuming a recorded show or seeking. When i change the wired Shield to wireless, it works much better, however when on wireless i do get some occasional pixelation and pauses during playback on both recorded and Live TV.

The hardwired connection seems solid on the Shield. No problems with any other apps and the speeds test is 100mbits, low latency, low jitter from the Channels DVR Speed Test.

BTW, I've used PLEX on this laptop before, and when Direct Playing from it to the wired Shield, i did not experience the long resume or seek delays.


Which speedtest are you seeing 100mbps on?

Is your switch gigabit?


On the wired Shied, Speed Test to DVR server:
97.18 Mbits/s
Latency 1.14
Jitter .94

Yes, it is a gigabit switch.


You should be getting 1000 or atleast 800. 97 is quite low for gigabit, and will impact seeking speed.


After checking the Shield, it was connected at 100, not 1000. I made the correction and now all works great! Thank you!