Recorded TV Shows - No Title Displayed

I’m having an issue where tv shows I’ve recorded display as the attached screenshot. It means that to see what show it is, I have to tap on it to load the next screen. Should the name of the show not be displayed against the icon? Am I missing something?


These were recorded by Channels itself? If so, what was the source?

Correct, source is a Custom Channel, M3U playlist. Once clicked on it does display the TV show info - but I would have thought at least the name of the show, then hopefully some cover art, would be displayed on the first page.

This is probably due to lack of good guide data in your XMLTV. Does each program have a series-id, and a unique/different episode-num to differentiate them? For more details, see:

(Scroll to the bottom for the last two topics, which detail this.)