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Hi. I have a roku box and the app I can't get ota channels.

I would like to record shows from locast to watch later. I don't have a NAS box and don't want this either. Similarly, I don't want to install plex on pc and have this running in the background. I know that Channels Plus requires a NAS box which is not ideal. But I do have a nighthawk router with USB storage... If that could be used someway

Fitzy tv was ideal but for some unknown reason it doesnt have roku app and they keep making false promises on the app development.

I could get a playon subscription or hdhomerun if that allows me to record shows. But there seems to be no option to record from locast on their sites.

Any advice from experienced users is appreciated on how to record from locast and watch on roku.

A Windows PC would also work as the DVR server but it has to stay running 24/7. As I mentioned in the other thread, your router almost certainly cannot be a DVR server. Some have had success with the raspberry pi 4, which is very affordable. That may take more technical skills to configure, however.

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