Recording from poor source

I'm right between two tv markets. I have a directional antenna that's pointed to the east. However when scanning it picks up the stations to the west too. They really don't come in well or at all but enough to be recognized. Not really a problem since I just block them in the guide. Problem is when recording. The DVR doesn't care which channel I have it set to record. Only the name of the show. I've been trying to record Jeopardy and the one channel that I don't even want showing up shows repeats early in the day and the DVR records it (even though it's unwatchable because it doesn't come in well enough) and then if that happens it doesn't (or sometimes doesn't) record the evening Jeopardy on the channel I get well and want to record.

I've deleted the DVR recording schedule and put it back in to no avail. I see that I'm not the only one asking this but I didn't see any solutions for the Apple TV. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

There are two options for you:

  1. Disable the channels you don't want to see. Make sure you disable them not only in your client, but also in the DVR's web UI. The two lists are separate, so if you disabled the poor quality channel on the Apple TV, you also need to disable it on the server.
  2. Set your recording rules to be channel-specific. New recording rules by default will record from any channel. To modify this, you need to modify the rule in the DVR web UI to specify the channel.

Thanks! I'll give that a shot. I was trying to figure out what's what only through the ATV app. Sort of forgot about the web UI. Thanks again.