Recording issues Pre-Release 2021.05.30.1657

So I have several issues now.

1; I can't manually set two shows of the same name to record (one series pass, the other, just record on demand). If I do this, it will stop one of them.

2; If the signal gets very weak, the Channels DVR will drop and not reopen the connection and keep trying.

I can't revert to the stable build because of how much I have set up in my sources.

Please submit diagnostics

Where do I submit from? The server? I don't see an option, and this occurs at the server side. Not client(s).


In the web UI: Support > Troubleshooting > Getting Help > Submit Diagnostic Logs

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Submitted. 2e41ec79-6e84-4282-825c-d152bd10cd4b

Your logs only go back to 8am.. did you reinstall the software after those failed recordings?

I tested this and its reconnecting and continuing recording for me. Logs/diagnostics showing what's going on would be very helpful.

I did do a reinstall. Sadly. I was trying to get back to a stable release. Perhaps I was mistaking the connection not opening back up. But I know it had issues recording the same show manually set.

Now it’s not recording from Locast. Favors CBSN instead. c26c9344-6cd6-4e33-a7ff-4652c6d0be52



The Locast airing is at 6am and was not scheduled. The only recording was setup for the 7am manually and did not include the Locast channel. It tried 105.1 first and didn't get a signal.

2021/06/01 07:00:00.008737 [DVR] Starting job 1622548800-ch105.1 CBS This Morning on ch=[105.1 5.11 505.1 6766]
2021/06/01 07:00:06.073919 [ERR] Failed to start stream on channel 105.1 via 10815046: HDHomeRun: 807 No Video Data
2021/06/01 07:00:06.299407 [TVE] stream timestamps: cbsnews: start_at=2021-06-01T06:59:05-05:00 current_at=2021-06-01T06:59:47-05:00 end_at=2021-06-01T06:59:59-05:00
2021/06/01 07:00:06.299937 [TNR] Opened connection to TVE-Spectrum for ch6766 CBSNEWS
2021/06/01 07:00:06.537389 [DVR] Recording for job 1622548800-ch105.1 from TVE-Spectrum ch6766 into "TV\CBS This Morning\CBS This Morning S2021E108 2021-06-01-0700.mpg" for 1h4m59.9912627s

I see after this recording you setup a pass and the pass scheduled 6am Locast recordings for the rest of the week.

I want to be able to change the channel I use between day to day. OTA, Locast, or CBSN (via TVE). Some only air for one hour, some air one hour before. I seem to have to set an advanced rule to record at 6am, when it won't record that one even though it's earlier than the other two airings. It still bypassed (scheduled) Locast, and recorded from CBSN instead.

The 6am recording was not on your schedule.

If you record the 7am manually then the pass will see the episode as queued already and will not schedule it via the pass.

It was set as a series pass from the show itself, then I went in and manually set the channel #.

The 7am recording was scheduled manually via guide search. That's why it had all the 7am channels as candidates:

Do you see a 6am entry for tomorrow on your schedule now?

Now it's working ok. Maybe. We'll see. Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

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Now I'm having this issue. Recordings show up twice in my list. This may be because I scheduled CBS This Morning to manually record on OTA. It didn't show it was recording and only scheduled. I stopped the "recording" and re-started it. Hence the two recordings. But I don't know why the entry wouldn't be there from the start. I can submit client/server logs if needed?

Where did you see this? The Schedule is the most reliable place to see what's happening.

The web UI showed it was recording. But it didn't show up in the Android TV/iOS app in Recordings.

Now on pre-release. 2021.06.02.1517