Recording issues with ESPN 4K channel

ESPN has broadcast 4K feeds for the AO Semis over the past two nights and channels has struggled each night with the recordings. I tried to make one recording for the Women's' semis and that one cuts off during Gauff and Sabalenka's 1st set tiebreak. However, the size of the file seems to match what I would expect for both matches (about 61gb).
The Djoker/Sinner semi last night seems to have recorded fine, while channels reports an incorrect duration, it seems correct in VLC. The Zverev/Meddy match is the same as the one from the previous night, a correct looking file size (54gb) but incorrect duration on both channels and VLC (48 mins).
Is there any way I could salvage these files or prevent channels from doing the same thing during the finals this weekend? Have not had this issue with the 4K games on the FOX channels.

Think I found a solution, I just used this ffmpeg mp4 remuxer .bat file that I had and it fixed the duration.

ffmpeg -i %1 -acodec copy -vcodec copy %1.mp4