Recording list Update frequence

Is there a way to set the update frequency of the recording list. When I start a recording remotely it doesn’t show up in the recording list before it has finished recording. Is that the default behaviour.

What do you mean by “recording list”?

The list of recording’s

These views should be updating in real time as activity happens.

When you say it hasn't updated, what do you mean? Do you have it open on your phone when a recording starts and the new recording doesn't show up?

Or do you just know it's currently recording, and when opening the view on your iPhone, it is not there?

Please describe exactly what you're doing, what you expect to happen, and what is actually happening.

If I start recording a show that is currently on and then go to recordings I would imagine that the recording will show up here as a in progress recording but it doesn’t show up before the recording has ended.
Maybe default behaviour is that it is not supposed to show before recording has ended, or is there somewhere on the server side I can schedule a refresh of the recording folder.
Hope it makes sense

no, it should totally show up while it's recording.

Can you please start a recording, load the Recordings view, see that it's not working, then go to Settings > Support > Submit Diagnostics, then we'll have more to go on.

Done :+1:

Maybe it could be something client related.
Something that doesn’t update correctly.

If I change to another client the recording shows up instantly.

So to sum up
Schedule recording on client and look in recordings. The scheduled recording doesn’t show up until recording finished
Look on another client (connected to the same server off course) and the recording shows up instantly.
Hope that helps

OK, this is a bit confusing as your screenshot is from iOS, and you submitted diagnostics from an android device.

Please be specific when you say "client". The android and iOS versions are completely different pieces of software.

It was just easier to take a screenshot from my iPhone.
In the above mentioned example I have made the recording on an android device “ Nvidia Shield “ and checked the recording list on my IPhone

A bit of additional information.
Did some testing on my iPhone app and if I start a recording from there and then go to the recordings it doesn’t show up, but if I change to another iPhone app and back to the channels app again, then the recording shows up.
Seems like when focus shifts away from the channels app and it regains focus it does some kind of update.
It is the same behaviour if I start a recording, close the channel app and the reopen it. The recording is showing up.
So to mee it looks like when staying within the channels app there’s no trigger for updating the recording list before the recording is completed. But close/open channels app or shifting between
apps does trigger some kind of update
Hope this can help