Recording multiple "episodes"


EDIT: It seems to have worked, it just didn’t seem to be giving proper feedback when I was setting up the recordings using the iOS app. When I logged on using the web interface it showed them as queued. Thanks.

I’m having trouble recording multiple instances of the same “episode”. The example is on the Velocity channel they are airing the 24h of Le Mans race, but it’s split into 3 sections of 8 hours each. When I try to record them all it won’t allow me to set a recording for the second 2 “episodes”, I believe because it thinks they are the same. I’ve tried setting a Pass to record reruns, as well as individually trying to record them without a Pass, but it won’t seem to schedule the recordings properly. Is there something I’m missing?



This sounds like an issue in the guide data. The DVR thinks they’re all the same episode so its not willing to record it multiple times.

Can you screencap the search results that shows all the airings? Are they all marked Live?


It seems to have updated but didn’t show success at the time i was setting the recordings… I’ll investigate a bit further and if there are more issues I’ll post again. Thanks for the quick reply.


Actually it seems to be still refusing to record multiples:



It’s possible the guide data will fix itself. Let’s see if that happens tomorrow. If not, I will add a “Force Re-record” button which will let you schedule all of those to get recorded.

I guess another option would be to extend the padding on the first “episode”, although I don’t think the UI will let you add 16 hours of padding.


Sounds good.

You guys are incredibly fast responding to issues it’s much appreciated.