Recording not in Recently Recorded but only in Up Next


Only Saturday night of a series pass (local news) doesn't want to show up in the Recently Recorded section. It is only in the Up Next section on Apple TV and iOS. This is a problem because i have it set to record extra time, but then if we are trying to watch it before the recording is done then it is not available because it is not showing up yet in the "Up Next". And then even when it is done it still does not show up in the Recently Recorded section. I can find the recording on the web player in my computer browser.

The only peculiar thing I see in the Guide is that Saturday night is not listed as "new" episode but i have it set to record all episodes.


Only the first X number of items are shown on the recordings screen. I think there is a button at the end of the list to let you see all. Perhaps you’ve already tried that, but just wanted to check.


I know this is late,It doesn’t show up in recently recorded until it finishes recording. Adjusting the time in the guide is the way to adjust currently recording. If you are watching and don’t want to leave, use the mobile app or the web interface from your mobile.


Hmmm. We could make recently recorded up date as soon as the recording starts.. would that be more intuitive? I'm surprised it's not already like that.


All of my recordings except this one show up in the Recently Recorded immediately after starting recording. Also, When I click on this recording in the Up Next then click “more episodes” it shows all the episodes for that series EXCEPT the one episode I had clicked on.

The recording is happening with no errors in the log. for whatever reason the Saturday version of the episode never shows up in the Recently Recorded. the episode in the up next has a TV icon but the series in the Recently Recorded uses a blank icon. I am guessing maybe it is because the guide information maybe is slightly different? For whatever reason Saturday is not marked as a “new” episode.