Recording not playing to remote Apple tv


Trying to watch a show and it’s not playing. The server shows its transcoding but the bandwidth stays pretty flat. Trying to stream at 720 6mbps.

Just uploaded logs from the apple tv


I restarted the server and it did it again after a few minutes.


I do notice the DVR sending around 25mbps somewhere when the recording is playing but I have it set to 720 on the apple tv. When the transcoding stops the bandwidth goes to 0 in task manager.

I did update to the new beta also and still having the issue


Also does it in a web browser too


Tried downloading the prerelease DVR 2019.04.25.0306 and the issue still exists.


Does it work if you use Software transcoding mode?


Trying it now. It is seeming to work but the CPU is at 99% while the P2000 gpu is at 0%. Also, the sending bandwidth is hovering around 20 mbps in task manager when I have it set to 720p 6mbps


Updated to prerelease 2019.04.25.1616 and problem still exists. It looks like the transcoder paused when the buffer was in the middle of a commercial if that helps any. Bandwidth was still high too.


Okay so Software plays fine every time but Hardware does not?


It'll play fine for a few minutes on hardware but then stops transcoding for some reason. Software appears to work fine though


This should be fixed in v2019.04.26.0040


Seems this is happening again on version 2019.06.21.0219


Sorry, I mean the recording stops playing and buffers right before a commercial marker


Seems this issue is happening again on v2019.07.05.0539