Recording priority not working for smart passes

In my sources I have 3 hdhomerun's and then a locast2tuner m3u source. What I am finding is that even though the hdhr's are higher in priority, channels is recording movies on the custom channels.
Here is an example of a future recording and all the channels it has access to.

4.4 is the channel that I want to record from which is available on the HDHR that is the top source in the list.

Here is another example of a past recording that should have recorded on 4.4

I can modify the custom channels to block the channel so it is only available on the HDHR but this seems like a bug no? Shouldn't channels prefer the higher priority source when there are duplicate channels available?

You also have to factor in Favorited channels and whether the guide data says it's in HD.

Ahh ok locast is marking them as HD even though they are clearly not HD. HDHR is marking it correct as NON-HD. I just verified by filtering the guide on HD only and all the 480i channels came up on locast.

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