Recording too many programs that I did NOT schedule

Hi, I'm running Channels DVR on a Synology NAS (DSM 7.0.1). Its running super slow. I checked logs and logs show its trying to record many channels that I never scheduled recordings for. I then checked the schedule and its recording 10+ programs. Its lost its mind and I can't stop the recordings.
Anyone ever see this? Trying to capture logs but its so busy recording things I didn't tell it to record I can't get into the support menu to capture logs.

Check your passes .... I have accidently set advanced passes that recorded more then I wanted. I know I have had passes to only record new ... but it records episodes from years ago that are marked new in another channel. Law and Order Special Victims is an example of this.... on USA old episodes are sometimes marked new.

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I think that's it. I was messing around with a pass for NFL games and now it says there are 341 recordings scheduled for that one pass. I'm trying to delete that pass then I will cancel all the recordings its may have set up.

I can't get the attention of Channels via the web client since it so busy recording everything it can find as new in the guide. I tried stopping the app on the Synology management interface, then starting in hopes of catching it. Its hung up and I can't stop this pass that is trying to record every new program in the guide.

Delete/pause the pass. either from a client or web interface. Once you delete the pass the scheduled recordings will go away.

Thanks. I was able to delete the pass and all is good.