Recording while watching causes glitches on recorded file


Let me know if it helps. Afaik the flow control issue is specific to Windows’s networking.


Yes it completely solved the issue. A lot of traffic was going through that tiny switch. HDHR, Apple TV, Windows PC running DVR backend and an Airport Express serving as a wifi access point for the living room. All of them were often used all at the same time to say, watch Channels on the Apple TV, record on the DVR and access YouTube from the wifi on my son’s iPad. It was too much for the 10/100 switch.

Gigabit for the win.


@tmm1 : Per your suggestion, I turned off flow control on my iMac. It SEEMS to have solved the issue. In the nearly two weeks since I made the change, I haven’t encountered the problem a single time. And it was previously happening with almost every recording. Of course, now that I said that it will probably happen today! But in all seriousness, I am excited and hopeful that this truly was the fix I needed. Thanks!


Great, let us know! What hdhomerun model are you using btw?




Is the iMac wired or on wifi? If wired, is the cable cat6 and the switch gigabit? Is the HDHR on the same switch?


Wired, CAT6, Gigabyte switch.
Now I m trying to turn off flow control and record a bunch of shows and we’ll see.


I'm experiencing a similar issue, though I'm running the server software on Ubuntu. Any tips for which setting to change there? Thanks.


It sounds like a network issue. Check your cables and make sure the dvr and HDHR are plugged into the same switch