Recordings Always Starting Late

Where does Channels get its time from? The Apple TV itself? If so, my Apple TV is exactly on the correct time, showing me the same time as my iPhone (satellite).

However, every show I have passed for, I always miss the first minute or so. Some shows I set to start recording 3 minutes early and it still clipped some if the beginning.

I can’t do this for all shows, however, as we record multiple shows as the same time, and starting early for all shows would overlap, causing conflicts and, as a result, not recording some shows.

Anyone else have issues with the beginning of shows being clipped? It doesn’t look like I can manually adjust the time in Channels.


Recordings happen on the DVR Server. Where is your DVR Running and did you check the time on the Server. Also, you may want to move this to the DVR Category. And, you can set the start recording time to be before the actual start time of the show.

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I usually don't use buffers, they are ugly. Unless recording a football or baseball game, or using TVE. But my recordings all start exactly at the start of the show, almost to the second. Occasionally, there is a 1 to 2-second blip of commercial ad and then show starts.

The only recordings time issues I have are with TVE, which always ends up recording almost 1 full minute early. And I have to add 1 minute padding on the end of TVE too.

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Check the clock on your DVR PC and make sure time sync is enabled.

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Sorry, I didn't even see these replies. Just actually checked that before logging onto here. Apparently my PC likes to slow down over time. I thought Channels was grabbing the time from Apple TV. I will sync my time to an NTS.