Recordings are pixelated, audio stuttering


Just getting started with channels DVR

Channels is installed on Windows Server 2012 R2 Storage Server on a Thecus W5810 (

Thecus w5810 has 16 GB Ram, CPU is a Intel Celeron J1900 Quad-Core Processor

I'm using a program called StableBit Drivepool that manages the pool of five drives in the server.

At first, things were working very well, recordings occurring with no issues.

Then tonight, multiple recordings were unwatchable as they were pixelated and no audio cutting in and out.

any ideas of how to troubleshoot what is causing this issue?...

(Logs sent to [email protected], as they were to large to copy/paste here)



What device are you viewing the recordings on?


The logs you sent are from playback and show severe corruption. You will need to go back further in the logs to the time when the recordings were happening to see if any errors are shown there.


I've opted to 'abandon' running Channels DVR on my NAS, and have enabled the Channels DVR Server on my Nvidia Shield, and connect to 6TB USB WD drive to the Shield. This will take any network issues, and NAS issues out of the picture. I'm hoping the Shield can keep up with up to six simultaneous recordings and/or playbacks. If it can do that... great.

That said, is there a way to export/import my Passes the Windows based Server install to the Nvidia Shield based install? Or do I need to recreate all Series Passes from scratch?

Thank you,


You can copy over your existing DVR directory from the NAS and then open http://x.x.x.x:8089/restore to import it. If you don't want to move everything, copy over just the DVR/Database directory


Thank you, I've imported after opening network access on the shield to my PC, and copying the file over.

One challenge was, per this first screen shot, I was presented with a list of backups to import, that had timestamps that I could determine which one I wanted to restore.... (the latest one made sense)


Then, after clicking the green 'open' button i was presented with:


Now, I wasn't sure which one to import. I'm guessing they all had the same "backup from 30 minutes ago, based on the fact that I just copied the group of folders all at once from the NAS based Channels install, to the Shield based install.