Recordings breaking up


I’m in UK - & live TV is working great but recordings are pixelated and breaking up
Can I record to a different file type ?
Plex recordings are working ok and are MKV files but Channels files are mpeg2
I tried putting one these files in a Plex folder but Plex didn’t recognise them but I thought this would work ?


Are you running Plex DVR and Channels DVR on the same machine?

Can you check the Log tab on the Channels DVR web UI and make sure there’s no errors being printed while recordings are happening?

The file format shouldn’t matter. Channels DVR records to raw mpeg files, since that’s the format that comes from the HDHR. These files work with plex, but you need to make sure they’re put in the correct folder for Plex to be able to associate metadata with them.

One known issue with Channels DVR on windows that can cause glitchy recordings occurs when the network adapter’s Flow Control is enabled. This has only been reported in the US with HDHR PRIME, but it’s possible you’re hitting it too. I would recommend going into your network adapter settings and disabling flow control. See Windows DVR BUG: Glitches during recording for some screenshots on where to find this setting.


Thanks - I will check all those.
Yes Plex DVR on same machine - does that make a difference ?
Do I just set both to record to the same folder for them to show up in Plex ?
I did reinstall and retune & mess with some settings and now seems ok.
I changed DVR folder to be directly on C drive rather than desktop folder but not sure if that would make a difference ?
Do the web player settings of transcoder , quality and deinterlacing affect Apple TV as well ?
Which is better deinterlacer setting for uk ?


No it doesn’t matter.

You should record Channels DVR to its own folder, but then you can add that location to your Plex library.

We recommend recording to a dedicated USB drive and directory, like D:/DVR




Thanks again
What do you think is the maximum number simultaneous recordings that can be achieved while streaming and watching another recording?
Say between i3 i5 & i7 ?
Is a Mac any better than Windows ?


CPU speed doesn’t really matter. What matters is wifi vs Ethernet, disk rpm and throughout, usb2 vs usb3, etc.

There are users in this forum who have 5 HDHRs they use with their DVR.


So Ethernet, USB 3 & 7200 rpm is best ?
5 HDHRs to 1 PC ?




I have connected homerun directly to router via Ethernet and performing much better


How was it hooked up before?


Via power line adapter
PC is now direct to router as well instead of via power line
Also PC now has dedicated usb3 drive for recordings


Got it. That would definitely explain the issue then.


I have a question: I have a new setup with a hdhr prime and a synology ds218+ nas (running the latest dvr software), both are connected to a 10/100/1000 switch via powerline 1200 adapters, and I notice choppy/pixelated recordings. Interestingly, when I turn on the “share tuner” option, I get the same pixelated playback. I am playing back to an appletv series 4 connected via WiFi. The WiFi is provided by an Apple 1TB TimeCapsule, also plugged in to the 10/100/1000 switch (and Internet is provided by Arris cable modem also plugged in to the 10/100/1000 switch, in case that matters)

After reading this thread, I have a sinking feeling that the power line adapters are the weak link in the chain. I think in my house, I can plug the synology NAS and the HDHR into the switch directly… I’m guessing that is your recommendation?

If so, can I keep the Apple TV on WiFi?

Thanks in advance for your help!


In reading up on NAS’, in order to spend as much as i must, but no more, everything I read indicated to me that 5400 RPM WD Red drives would be just fine. They’re spec’d for R/W throughput of 150MB/s (1200Mb/s), which should be more than enough for DVR’ing, no?

Or have my math skills completely abandoned me?


Typical recording is 2MB/s so 150MB/s is plenty.


Yea that would be ideal. That way the video doesn’t go over the Powerline for recordings. I’ve heard of Powerline working pretty well but it really depends on how old the wiring in your house is.