Recordings issue


Ive just swapped out an OG Shield TV for a standard 2019 model and recording seem to start loosing sync and going funny after a few mins of playing. Sometimes crashes out and cannot play that recording again until i foce close the app.

Live TV seems fine. Have submitted diagnostics.


Just happened on live TV and when i went back into the programme there was no sound until i force stopped the app.

Is the Shield just a client device, or is it both server and client?

I haven't had any sync or recording issues with either of my '19 Shields, but my Channels server runs on a separate computer.

Have seperate PC as server.
Works fine on my 2019 pro and my old original shield.

This new 2019 standard has same connection as my old original one.

Are the settings in the apps the same? Is Video Decoder set to Hardware or Software in the app's player settings tab?

Cant check the old one at the mo but this one is set to hardware. pretty sure my 2019 pro downstairs is set to hardware to

Have a good fast SD card set to internal storage in it?
I have a Samsung Class 10 High Endurance 64GB.
Works great.
Maybe something with your audio setup?
is it HDMI to tv and tv is sound, or is there a sound system of some sort involved?

Yeah have SSD.
Everything perfect on both shields before.

I have literally just swapped my original shield for a new 2019 one. Everything else hasnt changed.

Downstairs shield 2019 pro still fine

The new standard (tube) model runs a 32-bit OS, so perhaps there is a bug.

Can you submit diagnostics from the app after experiencing the issue.

Yep literally just happened again. Submitted

What TV model is it hooked up to?

Same TV the old was hooked up to with no problems.


1080P or 4K?


I wonder if that is the factor that some report issues with the tube model.
Works fine on 1080P tv. No sync issues.
Can u try setting the Shield output to 1080P 60hz and see if it does the same thing?

The diagnostics are showing that the app is crashing somewhere within the android audio driver.

Are you having any issues when watching live, or only with recordings?

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Looked like recordings at first but then live tv also started showing issues.

After it crashes and I go back to viewing again there is no audio.

Have to force quit to get it back.

Disable the "Surround Sound" setting in the Channels App.
Does that affect anything?

Tried that already :frowning:

Any ideas??

Had to put my old one back for now