Recordings list ( Is it Possible to exclude certain shows ? )

Is there a way to record a TV show and not include it in the recordings list... Example, There may be a series maraton on and I would like to record it and just have the episodes appear in the TV shows section and not clutter up recordings list... THANKS

There is not.

You could move the recordings to another location, then reimport them. Then they would only show in tv shows. It’s a manual process but it works.

Could this be something that could be considered an option in a future release?

An archive function would be nice but it would be tricky because of all the different configurations out there. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

I think what would solve your problem is if the list was collapsed by show. Which is something that everyone has asked for, I have promised, and I have not delivered. :joy:

I’ll try to get to it sooner than even later.

That would definitly work... Thanks