Recordings not playing

Hi all, I can’t get any of my dvr recordings to play on Apple TV or iOS apps. I tried resetting the server and checking for updates but everything seems normal. Any ideas?

Oddly enough live tv seems to be working ok

Is there an error? Or what happens when you try to play?

Does the dvr web UI show any errors on the Log tab?

Sorry for the late reply but I figured it out. The hard drive for the dvr died. I replaced the drive and it’s working again although I lost all my recordings :disappointed:

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One of the main reasons I use a NAS at least you have a Chance to replace a failing drive.

You know I’ve actually been thinking about switching to a NAS unit since my pc server is ancient and slow but how would having a NAS box have helped in this situation? The drive failed without warning, wouldn’t the same failure have occurred in a NAS too?

If you have a multi drive NAS setup the right way it can stand a failure of 1 Drive ... you can take out the failed drive replace it and it will rebuild the failed Drive with no data loss. For me the data loss outweighs the price of a good NAS.

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