Recordings start again after manually stopping

The latest DVR prelease has an issure where I have tried to stop numberous recordings via clients, due to issues with the latest prerelease. They all start recording again after a few minutes. I have at least tried to stop the Alabama A&M game at least 6 times this evening.
Also why does the DVR continue to process commercials after trashing stopped recordings. The DVR show precessing continues even when deleted from the trash.

Interesting. I have not seen this behavior although I cannot say 100% that it isn’t typical. I have wondered if commercial detection continues to happen even after a show has been deleted but have never cared enough to check.

Despite my pretty much useless anecdotal experience, specific logs will likely be needed to get to the bottom of the issue.

Ive been sending logs all day.

Haven't experienced recordings starting again after being stopped.

Pretty sure the devs are aware of the comskip issue. It's been happening for a long time (I think even before they implemented Trash) and has been reported here. Eventually comskip times out after so many minutes of not being able to access its recording file.

Thanks for posting this. I noticed this behavior yesterday. I figured it was me not hitting the button correctly.

Also, If you cancel a recording in progress and there is a guide update, it will restart the recording as well. That's issue has been around for a long time. I checked the logs and there was not a guide update. I figured I did something wrong. I was gone when this happened.

Glad to know I was not imagining canceling the recordings.