Recovered from panic

@TMM1 I looked at my DVR logs and noticed that I get a panic every time I update the DVR. It doesn't appear to have any effect on the operation I just thought I would report it.
I submitted logs d6e1d81d-67aa-474b-bc04-1c15da3fa926

2023/01/30 16:29:49.693775 [SYS] Bonjour service stopped.
2023/01/30 16:29:49.721643 [DVR] Recording engine stopped.
2023/01/30 16:29:49.790659 [DVR] Indexed 1652 airings into XMLTV-SamsungTVPlus (245 channels over 13h0m0s) + 354 skipped [0s index]
2023/01/30 16:29:50.439119 database not open
2023/01/30 16:29:50.447028 [ERR] Recovered from panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference
2023/01/30 16:29:50.783418 [SYS] Starting Channels DVR v2023.01.30.1926 (linux-x86_64 pid:710) in /home/seth/channels-dvr/data
2023/01/30 16:29:50.814671 [SYS] Started HTTP Server on 8089
2023/01/30 16:29:54.455140 [HDR] Found 4 devices
2023/01/30 16:29:54.731222 [M3U] Refreshed lineup for PlutoTV with 352 channels