Red faces

This is weird. My channels DVR is connected to a silicon dust OTA receiver. It records everything fine, but only the CBS recordings have very reddish faces.

If you have a way to view that channel through other sources, such as your TV tuner, cable company, etc., first see if it's an issue everywhere.

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When I watch directly on the homerun app, it looks pretty good. A little reddish, but nothing like when recorded and only CBS.

Which playback device?

Channels app on Samsung tv or iPad

There is a Channels DVR app for Samsung TV? :astonished: :question:

Must be an Android TV.

Can you try playing the recorded mpg file with VLC on a computer and see if the same issue is present there?

Is this from an ATSC3 channel (1xx.x)?

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Sorry, no there isn’t. Everything is Amazon fire stick plugged in and my iPad.


ATSC 3 is same on cbs. I’ll try to pull recording recording and test. Good thought.