Redetect commercials button

It would be awesome if we could get a Redetect Commercials button on the More menu for individual recordings. As it is now the only way I know to redetect commercials is to go a web browser, open the channels DVR local site, then find the recording and choose redetect. It's a lot of steps to take when sitting down to watch TV and needing to manually start detection :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2023-03-17 3.56.04 PM

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Why are you needing to do this so much? This isn’t generally something you should have to do.

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Sometimes I like to run comskip on recordings I'm watching before they finish, but I don't want to leave the live skip setting enabled all the time. And every once in awhile if comskip missed several commercials or it seemed really off, I like to rerun it to make sure it ran correctly. I find I'm running commercial skip manually much more frequently than refreshing Metadata (which is in that menu).

It would also be nice if editing commercials could be done from the client. Maybe the thumbnails would be easier to see on a larger screen.


It can on the iOS app. In the app, you can tap the images to make them larger. We’ll look at doing this on web too.

There’s no plans to add this on the tv app.

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That would be sweet! I'm on Android apps though, so probably a lot more work to implement