Reduce logging

the ~/data/hls-detailed.log is writing at least 1MB/min

that's a lot of waste on my SSD's life... is that data needed? or is it just debug/verbose?

is there any setting to reduce/disable this logging ?
i tried stopping channels-dvr, removing hls-detailed.log (and hls.log), symlinking /dev/null, and starting. but channels just rotates it every minute anyway and writes to a new file.

It's a log that can be useful for diagnosing strange issues with TVE so we don't have a way to turn it off. The lifetime writes of modern SSDs are such that we haven't found that these write levels materially impact the lifetime of a drive.

bummer. feature request.

You could always add a line to your crontab:

find /path/to/channels-dvr/data/hls*.log -mtime +1 -exec rm {} \;

Have that run daily and the system will remove all files matching hls*.log older than a day to be removed. While it won't stop the files from being created, it will stop them from accumulating.

they already use lumberjack for log rotation.

it's just the write ops in the first place that are on my mind.