Redundant UI After Update


Oddly, with the latest update, Channels now has 3 buttons under the seek bar that both do nothing and don’t even visually respect changes to skip duration in settings.

There’s no way to select these buttons because select already does play/pause and left or right ready skips backwards and forewords respectively, just like they’ve always done. Up does nothing, and down pulls down the quick switcher/record UI as it always did. I even tried using the gamepad's right joystick to see if they're able to be clicked with the cursor but that doesn't even show up in the Channels app.

What is the point of these buttons? They literally do nothing other than make the seek bar UI take up much more space than it did before. If someone can tell me if I am doing something wrong, that'd be great, but I've already looked through the settings and other than the skip duration, which these don't change to reflect anyway, there are no settings for these buttons.

I've included a picture to show the UI I am refering too.


This is a bug. Will fix.


Fixed in latest beta. Thanks for the heads up.