Refresh Library page upon changes

When deleting programs from the main Library page, the screen doesn't refresh to reflect changes. I know that the Up Next page was fixed to refresh upon file operations/deletions; but there seems to be a problem with the main Library screen.

If I navigate to another page and then return to the Library it updates, but not prior to that.

Do you mean specifically that a show is not removed from Recently Recorded once the last episode inside it is trashed?

Possible fix uploading in new beta now


  • Selected a program to watch from the Recent lists.
  • Watched the program.
  • After watching, selected Trash from the Details modal.
  • Upon returning to the Library page, the program's tile was still present in the Recent row, even though the final episode was deleted.

The expected behavior would be to have the tile removed from the Library page—both under Recent, as well as Up Next if applicable—after the Details modal closes.

Should be fixed in v9.2.2339

Thanks, Aman. I'll give that a check later this evening on my secondary device.

Sorry for the late reply, but finally had a chance to try the beta with this issue. It looks like it has indeed been fixed.

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