Refresh problem with TV Shows - Recently Added

I've been seeing a refresh problem with the "TV Shows - Recently Added" view.

As background, I record every episode of KTLA News using one advanced pass.

  • Around 7:30 I began watching the 7AM episode of KTLA News which was currently recording. I started it from "TV Shows - Recently Added". The card for the show was the first card (upper left) and showed 1 unwatched episode. This episode is 2 hours long.

  • When the 7AM episode completed, I don't recall whether it took me directly back to TV Shows or to the show page for the 7AM episode. In any case, when I got back to TV Shows, the 7AM episode was still in the upper left position and still showed 1 unwatched episode. By then, the 9AM episode was recording and should have been in the upper left position but I couldn't find it anywhere. There was also another program recording that did not show up.

  • I switched the sort to Alphabetical and then back to Recently Added. Now the first two positions were occupied by programs that had recorded last night. The two ongoing recordings still did not appear.

  • I switched the view to Recordings then back to TV Shows. Now the ongoing recordings properly appeared in the first two positions.

The server version is 2021.03.16.2236. I don't have the Android TV client version handy at the moment, but it is up to date as of two or three days ago.

I believe this is fixed in the latest APK beta