Regional Fox Quality

Wondering if the regional fox networks are of poor quality for others? This is Fox SportSouth/South, specifically. I believe the resolution is the expected 720P but i think the frames are 30 fps vs 60 that I see with ESPN TVE or within the Fox Sports Go app.

I haven't found it discussed, but is TVE limited to 30 fps for Fox regional sports networks?

Sports at 30fps not bothering anyone else? :wink:

If you record and then click View Details what does it show for the frame rate?

30fps. Is this the best they are providing for the web feed? I believe everything I've streamed from their apps is 60fps.

I’ve not checked the FPS on mine but AT&T Sports Network (use to be Fox Sports Network) feed I get from Xfinity cable is horrible compared to ESPN and NBC Sports.

Unfortunately, I'm looking just under a year later and the feed from South and Southeast RSN from Fox Sports is still 30fps. Smooth as can be through their app. Guess they chose to punish those not using their app forever.

Fox Sports South and Southeast are definitely coming in at 30fps on TVE and 60 fps through the Fox Sports Go app. Are they not pulling from the same stream?

Often, no. Channels pulls the stream from the network’s web site, which often has different quality than what they provide in their apps.

So could a deep link be set up where it opens the app, like it does for movies. For live only?