Regression or new behavior

I’m not sure if this is a regression, or simply a change in behavior going forward: previously when selecting a TV show from the Library, the left-most episode would be selected. However, now when entering a TV show’s view, the “Watch Next” button has focus, requiring an extra “Down” press in order to browse through episodes.

I feel this is more of an oversight/regression, and I hope that is the case as I preferred the previous behavior.

Can a developer chime in with a clarification?

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I have seen this too. Using AndroidTV using ShieldTV's.

I vote for the current behavior. Typically, when I drill down to a show, my intent is to watch the next episode.

I do wish there was some indication of which episode will play if I click Watch Next.

I also wish that, from the show list, I could hit the Play button and it would play the next episode.

Except that’s the whole purpose of the Up Next section of the library. Duplicating the functionality—especially when this is new/different—is unnecessary.

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A little bit more on this topic:

If the series' page is displayed by first navigating to the More entry on the Library page, the old behavior of the left-most episode having the focus is still in place.

However, when navigating to the series' page from the main Library page—Library > Series, or Library > Series > More Episodes for entries in the Up Next rows—the focus starts on the Watch Now button instead of the left-most episode.

Just a follow up:

This focus issue is still present on 3.2.0.

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After updating to 3.5.0 on Android TV, this bug still persists.

(I was hoping the rewrite of the Library code and page displays would address this issue, but it is still present.)

Confirmed this behavior still exists on latest beta apk. It's not clear why there is a difference based on how you get to the view.

Interestingly, it is now only occurring for the "Up Next" section. Programs selected from the "Recently Recorded" rows do open with the proper focus in the latest beta.

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